Spoopy Space Bois Gold

New Features

  • New neon aesthetic (for the walls, crates, floors, explosive barrels, lightning, and spikes) to provide players with a more immersive environment and futuristic spaceship feeling.
  • New invincibility frame animation that better displays when the player has taken damage and for how much longer they can go without getting hurt again.
  • New shield animation around the player to let them know when they are protected from taking a hit.
  • Juicier health bar complete with a better themed regenerative shield animation and shake effect when damaged.
  • Polished challenge room with extra large alien to include three different attack patterns based on its health.
  • Reworked puzzle to incorporate both player mechanics forcing the players to split the players up.
  • Refined puzzle room to prevent softlocks and improve maneuverability.
  • Removed jumping alien bug that made them invulnerable to the tether attack.
  • Removed jumping alien bug that stopped them when interacting with movable crates.
  • Improved transitions, starting, and ending screen polish.

Going Forward

  • We learned a lot working on this game and hope you have as much fun playing it as we had creating it!
  • From our playtesting, we decided to add a hint for the puzzle room:
    • Pink
    • Hold Green
    • Cyan
    • Release Green
    • Hold Blue
    • Release Blue
    • Hold Yellow
    • Release Yellow
    • Purple
    • Hold Green
    • Pink
    • Release Green
    • Cyan
    • White



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